Super Ultra Wormhole War of Greatness

Unknown, yet most historians agree around the Big Bang


The known Universe


Jedi victory


Sith Order

Jedi Order


Darth Evil

Awe Some


The Super Ultra Wormhole War of Greatness was a huge war known for its unusually high amount of greatness and/or awesomeness. The two belligerents, the Jedi Order and Sith Order, fought on many hundreds of thousands of planets around the Universe through wormholes. The wormholes also took them to different time periods, running from milliseconds after the Big Bang to hundreds of years from now, giving this war no foreseeable end. The leader of the Jedi Order, Jedi Master Awe Some, was known for his awesomeness, and many times dueled the evil Darth Evil, who was similarly infamous for her evilness. Although it has no foreseeable end, it is historically thought to be a Jedi victory, even though Sith die all of the time.

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