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Darth Vader: "Master..."
Emperor Palpatine: "Yes Lord Vader?"
Darth Vader: "Moff Tarkin won't come out of the closet."
— Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine[src]
―The beating closet...

This supply closet, located on Deck 12 of the first (or was it the second?) Death Star, held a wide variety of things. Large enough to encompass a Victory-class Star Destroyer, it was filled to the brim with spare parts, toiletries, alluvial dampeners, pretzels, life-sized stuffed Wookiee toys, sexual lubricants, Burrito Gauntlets, lichen, the occasional set of Twi'lek stormtrooper armor, and many other things.

Darth Vader may have retrieved a power pak for his lightsaber from this closet at some point. Several junior Imperial officers claimed that the closet was haunted, and that if one entered and was really, really quiet, they could hear a strange sort of beat in the background...

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