Sy Snootles
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1.6 m (slim & sexy)

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"I have always depended on the kaaaahdness of strangers, do wabba do, yow!"
―Sy Snootles

Sy Snootles was the ravishing singer who performed at Jabba's Palace, usually in extravagant production numbers, surrounded by Twi'lek dancing girls... who of course were nowhere near as sexy as Sy herself. I mean, look at her. She's topless. And her lips were at the end of a long, twisting proboscis... I mean, it doesn't get hotter than that.

She was briefly involved, in a squishy, slimy, romantic way, with Ziro the Hutt... wait a minute, what?! Let me recheck my research. Wow. No, she really was Ziro's ex-girlfriend.... and also shot him. Later, of course, she met up with her sister Stella Snootles and her working-class boyfriend Stanley. That didn't work out, so she just ended up at Jabba's Palace again. This time she went talent-scouting and discovered the amazing, stupendous Max Rebo, and she became the leader singer of the Max Rebo Band. Whether Max and Sy became involved in a greasy, slippery love affair is unknown.

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