This article is about the Rebel Alliance would-be starfighter. You may be looking for the ugly-ass, easily-vaped DIE-wing.

The T-wing was initially a prototype version of what would be known as the B-wing starfighter. Then Admiral Ackbar said "That name makes too much sense!" and decided to call it a B-wing instead.

There are also some unsubstantiated reports, gleamed from sifting through ancient records from the Galactic Republic that the T-wing was also a design for a class of Mandalorian heavy attack fighter-bomber, which saw use before and during the Mandalorian Wars. These are, however, quite old, and as no other evidence has yet emerged to substantiate them, most citizens and historians believe it to be little more than Mando propaganda. Of course, no one has yet asked Mr. Fett what he thinks.

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