Master Taste.

"But, sir, is that... canon?"
"I will
make it canon."
―A nervous fanboy and Tasty Taste

Tasty Taste, known in some academic circles as Leland Chee, and occasionally Cesar the Butt-Wizard was a delicious Jedi historian and culinary expert well-known for his omniscience—he knew everything about everything, primarily because he was the developer and sole possessor of the ability Force time travel, which allowed him to achieve uniquely complete knowledge about galactic history and cuisine.


Master Taste was born "Chelandlee" on the planet Hoth to his two loving Wookiee parents, Chel and Lee, who named him after what it sounds like when you say their names together. During a trip to a youth camp where he was going to learn how to survive on his own in the wild, his speeder crashed in the icy mountains, forcing him and his companions to learn a lot sooner. They failed, but managed to survive anyway despite the lack of emergency rations. (I'll let you figure this one out.) It was after this incident that his fellow survivors—or rather, what was left of them—bestowed on their friend the nickname by which he became known: Tasty Taste.

Jedi careerEdit

Master Taste became renowned throughout the galaxy for his ability to answer any question put to him about the universe. This inspired fierce jealousy in Jocasta Nu, and each time she confronted him, he wittily retorted "But I thought you ...Nu that!" Jocasta would then attempt in vain to bisect him.

A prisoner of Jabba the HuttEdit

During a trip to confer with Gormaanda on Tatooine, Master Taste was captured by goons of Jabba the Hutt, who offered Tasty an ultimatum: become Jabba's new cook or become his next meal. The wily and delectable Master Taste chose the former option, and slaved in Jabba's kitchens just long enough to memorize some rare Kubaz recipes before planning a daring escape.

Relationship with Jabba the Hutt Edit

During his time as Jabba's prisoner, Jabba the Hutt took a liking to Tasty and they had many relations together. Jabba once said that Tasty was the only person that he truly loved, and his eventual loss of Tasty was what drove him to allow Carrie Fisher to choke him to death in 4 ABY. While writing Jabba's biography, Bib Fortuna speculated that Tasty's extremely long penis was what initially sparked Jabba's obsessive lust for him.

A Tasty escapeEdit

Master Taste decided the best way to defeat Jabba was by exploiting his weaknesses. Unfortunately, Jabba had only two known weaknesses: metal-bikini-clad women and food. Master Taste attempted to disguise himself as a metal-bikini-clad female, but attracted only the attention of Poopa the Hutt, so he reluctantly went with Plan B, which required him to capture a baby dewback and roast it, then stuff himself inside it. The remainder of the plan is best left undescribed. He did eventually escape, though, which left Jabba a heartbroken husk of the man he once was.

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