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A Teapot was a type of bomb made in order to blow up a building.It became very successful in blowing up crap and were sold for 100 gold diamond glowing dancing metal dollars.


It all started when the Sith wanted to make a series of bombs powerful enough to blow up the Jedi Temples, which were spreaded across the universe. When a Press Conference started for ideas of shape, one of them created a model that looked like something you pour liquid out of.Then some other guy called them a Teapot because he was drunk and wanted some more Beer. The name became so good in votes the name was chosen as that.

You want Bombs?Edit

They decided to blow up one of said temples on the planet Earth for testing. Upon testing, it successfully worked and they placed bombs all over the temples. When war started, they used them all over the place in order to prevent the Republic from winning. Despite the mass of Jedi and Clone Troopers, a couple of PATRIXXXes, and a tamed Giant Enemy Tap Dancing Crab Demon, Victory of the Sith was successful. The war continued on as the Ultimate random super ultra mega super creepy massive war of the universe


During the Ultimate random super ultra mega super creepy massive war of the universe (or TURSUMSCMWOTU,if you may call it),the Sith ran out of supplies for the teapots.Teapots then went out of stock more and more quickly until there were no more, and Sith valleys were destroyed over battles over teapot supplies. When the supplies ran out, they decided to recycle teapots. However, DarthTRIXXX stole the supplies and gave them to the poor for UnMoneyCoins, ceasing teapot manufacturing.


Readers like you still believe Teapots still exist,but at a very rare rate. Only a few teapots still exist, but all have been worn out for explosive use. They are only used for food and kitchen arts

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