Tenel Ka Djo is one of the biggest sluts in the galaxy. She was born a princess. Years later, she went to the Jedi Academy. Jacen Solo got pissed that she wouldn't laugh at his lame jokes, and PWNd her arm off. Since it got her out of folding the laundry, she refused to get a fake one, like Luke Skywalker did. For some reason after that she fell with Jacen. She never wanted to be Queen, but when she thought that someone else (Jaina Solo) might get to be Queen, all of the sudden she wanted to be the Queen.

Well, a few years later she had a daughter. Tenel Ka had to make all of the Hapan noblemen think that they might be the daddy, so they wouldn't try to kill her. Now I ask you, if you had never had relations with a particular one armed chick, would you think that you could be her babydaddy? So in order for all those Hapan Noblemen to think that they might have been the daddy, she had to have had relations with all of them, with in a couple of weeks of when the baby was supposed to have been conceived. Just think about it.

About seven years later, Tenel Ka got tired of listening to her daughter's stupid questions, and pawned the girl off on her grandparents. After all, they had raised the guy that had knocked her up, then went psycho and tried to take over the galaxy. She probably just wanted to get rid of her so she could keep having non-stop relations in the palace though.

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