no i iz ur d4ddy!!!

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Hai dis is my 1st FaNfic so i hup u liek it cuz i tried hard an it has a good story an iz gonna be G cannon cuz it rockz so plz read fanks!!!!!1111111111reyitreyio754-1357u4reir4i8!

Chapter 1Edit

I My names is L0rd dArth eVil Colossal Nightmare Devastator Obliterator Rex (dath evil for short) an Im 17 years old and Im a sith aprentis an i have 5 litsabrs dat I can combin in2 oone BIG badass litsabr I know force choke an force thundr and forc fire an force ice an force lasers an i so pwn anyboody who liek to bugz me so i killz them like BAM. I work for da empir an liv on teh def mastr is dARth vadr he thinks im really really cool an he says "Im the mst fuking awesome sith ever" an we watch trasformers and pray haloez togethr. I lik starwarz but i also lik transformrs (OMFG MEGAN FOX IS HOTTTTTTT), soul caliber, hailo, gta, super smash brawl, linkin park, kaney west, gren day, and i hat twilight, wii fit, inyasha, barney, jarjar, ewoks, ashoka, elmo, lady gaga, hana montannah, C3PO cuz hes gay and dark vade and i went to kill twilit an wii fit and lady gaygay & hannah montana one day becuz thye suck. but not jarjar and ewoks becuz we kil dem in dis fic.

on day dath vadar n i wer watchn transformer 66 in 3d. We were in da new movie theetre in he Deaf star which was just built and we painted it cuz it was cool. it had cool linkn park songs n it.
"AUTOBOTZ SUX" vedor sed. "They r sooooooo retarded!111111111"
so we left teh def str to go find megan foxxx an rape her but frst vadr and i plaied brawl tgether and he was lucario and i was samus (wif nothin on but a blue suity an big boobies) and I wanted 2 win but I cldnt cuz vadr was 2 fucking awesom 4 me so i lost
"SAMUS IS HOT" i sed.
"no lets go find megn fox first. den samus"
"But I hate pathetc sakirai for not puting me in brawl" sayed vader.
"so lets go kill him unles he pus you in"
So we went to earth in our deaf star which was black and blue cuz those cullrz r awesome (fanks to James 4 de advice) and darf vader was in brawl.
"now les go meet samus"

Anywai We went to tah planet Fweeeeeeee wer my frend d'ave zabgar (thaz u James u so rock fanks for da help) was and we went thair in a rented deaf star which was not as big but the colurs were so much more awesome so we rented that 1 insted. hw was a fucking awsom bounte huntr lik boba fet an cad bane.
"hai dave wer looking for megan fox."
"OMFFFFFFG shes hot im coming"
so James cam wif us to find magan fox. boba fett was thair.

dont wory im still workin on it an itll be really awsom lulz (james thiks so) wif lots of boobies

Notes and referencesEdit

Unfortunately, George Lucas did decide to make this G-canon.

This article is called Terrible Star Wars Fanfic. Terrible Star Wars Fanfic has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Terrible Star Wars Fanfic can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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