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The Count of Monte Fisto was one of the only three surviving aristocrats in the galaxy during the Rise of Palpy's Empire. He was not as politically inclined as Dooku, but was notable for starring in a small 100 part miniseries of the same name.

The mini series was a sitcom surrounding his trials and tribulations trying to set up a castle deep under the sea on the planet Nautolan. Much of the humor surrounded his inability to find carpeting that would survive the moisture, his constant altercations with those "awful clod" peasants, and the peasants secret desire to watch him being burned alive at the stake.

The series ended with Monte Fisto escaping from prison and killing his wife's rapist. After which Fisto blasts off into space to seek a life of action and adventure. However, his ship, though well adapted to conditions underwater, was not exactly space-worthy and exploded in a brilliant, glimmering fireball, still visible today, if you travel far enough away from the source. In fact, hey, why don't you? We'd really appreciate that!

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