The period known as The Era of Darth Dumbass lasted for all of about 15 minutes after Rosh Penin was officially crowned Darth Dumbass. Despiste his blatant lack of ability to do...anything, this is revered as one of the most frightening times in Galactic History. During this period, Rosh travelled far and wide screaming "I'M SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!" at every sentient(and in some cases non-sentient) being he came across. This lead to mass suicudes and a the destruction of the Imperial Remnant's 413th fleet, as the entire command crew stabbed bothan stunners into their brains to stop the noise of Rosh's voice, causing the command ship to crash into the crusiers and ignite an explosion that obliterated half the system. Rosh also attempted to claim several apprentices for his own, asking them if they quote, "ever wondered if thier master was holding them back?". Of course, noone payed any attention to him and they went on to complete their missions. Unfortunately, the young Padawans' encounters with Rosh would spread the "Penis Irritantus", a deadly virus caused by Rosh's obnoxiousnous. This virus swept across the south-eastern quadrant of the galaxy and wiped out over 400trillion life forms, and causing the extinction of a rare and peacful lifeform "Equus Unicornis Magna". Thankfully, Rosh was quickly stripped of his position as Darth Dumbass by God who beard-hammerd him in the face, knocking him unconcious until Jaden later dealt with him(with God's gracious help of course).

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