This article is about TITS, The Imperial Translation Service. You may be looking for the article about the female body part: Breast.
"I need TITS, now!"
―An Imperial Officer while talking to an alien

The Imperial Translation Service or TITS was a branch of the Imperial Intelligence agency. TITS' job was to translate alien languages and assist Imperial Diplomats in their mission to bring peace to the Empire. Basically, TITS were translators who were sent to the far corners of the Galaxy to help spread the Imperial Culture. Together with the Department for Imperial Culture they set up offices on nearly every planet in the known galaxy. They also assisted Imperial Officers in the field by serving as translators during interrogations. There was also a TITS translator stationed on most Imperial Star Destroyers.

The most notable TITS translator was Jax Pavan 31,138, he was a translator stationed on Kashyyyk during negotiations between Kashyyyk's Wookiee population and DICK, the Department for Imperial Culture on Kashyyyk. Jax managed to translate the negotiators words into Shyriiwook and convinced the Wookiee's that the Empire meant them no harm, they just wanted to spread the imperial culture and enslave the Wookiee's. This made DICK one of the most successful offices of the Department for Imperial Culture.

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