Darth Squidward kills Mr. Krabs.

The Krusty Krab was the name of planet destruction team led by the obtuse and cheaper-than-a-Tatooine-whore Mr. Krabs. His two primary employees henchmen within the organization were SpongeBob Squarepants and Darth Squidward. Spongebob did his job well, while Darth Squidward didn't. Jealous of SpongeBob's status as the favored minion, Squidward killed his friend Patrick Star and then hired Jedi Master Yarael Poof to annoy the little yellow bastard to death. The Sith Mega-Super-Overlord then killed Mr. Krabs, so as to fully consolidate his power.

With only one of the original three team members left, the organization ceased to exist. Its headquarters, disguised as a fast food joint that bore the team's name, eventually fell into disrepair, catching fire and burning to the ground when an unattended vat of frying fat spilled onto the wooden floor.

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