"Come my minions, you have strangely passed my tests, but together, we shall rule Burrito King!"
Darth Lucas

Want to be a Sith? Too bad. There are some steps, but your too much of a galactic wimp to follow them. We still can't believe Anakin made it through. He even made it through The Steps of being a Jedi.


Step 1: Survive the Burrito GauntletEdit

You will have to survive a course of burrito missiles, bean bombs, robots that try to stuff your face with burritos, and survive and defeat the Really Fat Guy that ate a Extra-Large Supreme Ultra Large Epic Burrito! Mwuahhahahaha!

Step 2: Watch the Torture movieEdit

In this step, you will be strapped to a chair and watch Star Trek and The Phantom Menace for 17 days straight, seeing if you can survive. >:-D

Step 3: Defeat the vicious lady bugEdit

Just defeat a ladybug... nah, just kidding. Go to the next step. If you came to know the steps of how to defeat a ladybug, you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Step 4: Eat some pie *cough* Bomb Pie *cough*Edit

Eat the kriffing pie!

Step 5: Run 100,000,000,000.2 miles before you blow upEdit

Run across Hoth ten times before you blow up. If you complete it, you're not gonna become a Sith, moron! This was last month's steps! Mwahahahahahahahahah!

That is all.

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