Grand theft mario
The Super Smash Brotherhood
Formation infomation

Darth Squidward

Date of formation

The game Donkey Kong

Date of disband

Darth Vader

Member description
Names of members
Average Species

Two Italians, one Wookiee, an elf, a Female, a pink thing, a dragon, two Pokemon, a fox, a boy, and a guy named after Han Solo's ship

Average Gender

All male until Samus ruined everything

Personal information

Darth Squidward, Darth Spongebob


To save planets




Final Destination

"Mario, we a-got to a save all the a-planets!"
Luigi, before being PWNed by Darth Vader

The Super Smash Brotherhood was an organization that tried to stop Darth Vader from destroying your planet.


"You are my only friends. Even though you don't destroy planets."
Darth Squidward

The brotherhood was discovered by Darth Squidward when he rented the video game Super Smash Bros. from the nearest Blockbuster. He enjoyed the game so much he used the Force to bring the fighters to life. He put an annoying Italian named Mario in charge. There were twelve members total in the brotherhood.

Anti normieEdit

The super smash brotherhood was inffltrated by a frog known as Pepe,he pwned all of them while yelling FUCKING NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEE


The Brotherhood was disbanded when Pepe killed all the members except mama Luigi. End of Story. Yeah but- I SAID END OF STORY!!!!! I MEAN IT DO NOT ADD ANYMORE TO THE STORY OR I'LL Destroy Your Planet!Destroy Your Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Below are a list of battles that the brotherhood led or fought in:

  • Duel on the Battle Field
  • Attack on Delfino Plaza
  • Battle of Yoshi's Island
  • Duel on the Lylat Cruise
  • Duel on the Bridge of Eldin