The Tale of Darth Emo
The Tale of Darth Emo the Strange

I. M. Eemmo

Cover artist

D. E. Ath


I. H. Ateu

Publication information

Emo Horse Publishings

Media type





When Darth Elmo ruled.

Preceded by


Followed by

a bunch of Emos creating an idol of Darth Emo

This two-page comic was on about the life of Darth Emo which was 3 hours. Includes a special interview with the Jedi and...Jar Jar Binks


From the Assassination Attempt of Darth Elmo where Emo's DNA was collected, to the cloning process, insults by Binks and Luke Skywalker, the many suicide attempts by Emo on himself, and death itself, this comic has the low down on Darth Emo.

With exclusive and controversial interview with Mace Windu,Yoda and Jar Jar Binks, ending in a Mace and Jar Jar argument.

It also comes comments by Luke, Gunter who led the assassination attempt, and Darth Elmo's Pets.

Plus: Link for internet site with the story of Darth Emo's Ghostly adventures

Critics CommentsEdit

"Horrible, it insults gays. Including me."
"Amazing, pure genius. And Penis. Ha Ha! I made a funny"."
―Luke, right before he was killed, and then brought back to life again so he could be killed, again
"Graggh, needs more love making"."
Wookiee Goldberg

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