Battle of some other weird place


Battle of some other weird place



The Last Battle, Ever

The very last War


The last day of galactic history


The entire galaxy


Everyone dies.



Everyone else


Darth Darth Binks

An unknown Jedi


Sith, Sith, and more Sith

  • Some Jedi
  • Everyone who isn't a Sith

All Sith

  • All Jedi
  • Everyone else
"Wesa either kill all of them, or wesa destroy tha galaxy!!!!"
―Darth Darth Binks at the start of the battle

The end of time, also known as The Apocalypse or The Last Battle, Ever, was the very last event in galactic history. It took place at the end of The last Great War during which all Sith Lords united themselves under the command of Darth Darth Binks in an attempt to maintain control over the galaxy. The Jedi had been gathering support all around the galaxy for years prior to the war. By the time the Sith could react half of the Galaxy had already been conquered by the Jedi's Everyone Else's Grand Army. The Sith forces decided to gather around Coruscant and wait for the Jedi's Everyone Else's Grand Army to appear. When the Jedi came out of lightspeed near the planet, the battle started. Soon after, major battles started all over the galaxy. Every inhabited planet was being fought over. Every single person in the galaxy, from the last remaining Jax Pavans to hot Twi'lek slave girls to half dead semi sentient inflatable Horse Jedi, was joining the fight. In the end, the Sith realized they couldn't win the battle. So they offered the galaxy an ultimatum, they said they'd Destroy every planet that resisted them. The Jedi didn't even think about it, they told the Sith they didn't have time for jokes and just continued killing people. The Sith then carried out their threat and, using hundreds of thousands of fully automated Death Stars, destroyed the entire galaxy. However, the automated Death Stars worked a bit to good, when programmed to destroy all planets and eradicate every life in the galaxy, they also killed their Sith masters. And after all life was wiped out, the automated Death Stars no longer had any reason to stay around. So they left the galaxy in search of more living beings to destroy. All life in the galaxy was dead, all planets were destroyed. It was the end of everything, it was the end of time.

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