The ultimate act of treachery.

"I did it, I defeated myself. Now I will rule the..."
Darth Elmo's last words

"The Ultimate Act of Treachery" was the name given by the Sith Lords to the famous death of Darth Elmo. Darth Elmo, seeing that he could not trust himself, dueled himself to the death, proclaiming as he defeated himself: "I did it, I defeated myself. Now I can rule the...". It is not known whether the usurping Darth Elmo or the Real Darth Elmo won; debate rages to this day amongst the Sith. Though the Sith honor Darth Elmo for committing The Ultimate Act of Treachery, the Jedi think it is stupid to do such a thing.


The Sith hold in memory annually "The Ultimate Act of Treachery Day", a sacred holiday. Traditionally on this day the Sith will fight and kill each other in memory of the "Great One", Darth Elmo. Darth Elmo has achieved immortality in the halls of the Sith for his evilness and treachery. However, no Sith has ever gone to the fullest extent in the worship and emulation of the life of Darth Elmo by fighting himself.

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