Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Tibanna.
"This stuff may be valuable, but it stinks worse than a tauntaun breeding kitchen!"
―Lando Calrissian

Tibanna was a special kind of gaseous, liquidious...stuff...which was used as a kind of fuel for blasters and other types of blaster- and laser-based weapons. Essentially beldon farts, it clung to the atmosphere of Bespin and other gas giant planets in pockets, which could be mined. The mining, refining and selling of Tibanna gas was an essential part of the economy of the galaxy, and provided much wealth to such enterprising businessbeings as Lando Calrissian, who operated fart gas mines and refineries through Bespin's massive Cloud City.

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