The Ultimate Act of Treachery marked the end of the Elmo doll production.

Tickle-Me Elmos were toys designed by Darth Elmo. This was pretty obvious, as they looked just like him....

Tickle-Me Elmos were adorable and lovable, but they held a nasty secret....

Whenever a Tickle-me Elmo was tickled, they would transform into a mecha of mass destruction, which was capable of destroying a planet.

Obviously, this was what Darth Elmo intended. They were mass-produced by Sesame Street in order to assist them in their planet destruction.

Irregardless of whether they knew the secret of the toys or not, they were quite popular among the Siths. Every member of Sesame Street had one of them, and Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader were known to have personally bought one.

Fortunately, they left the market following Elmo's death, as Sesame Street stopped producing them after it was disbanded.

Planets That Were Destroyed by Tickle-Me ElmosEdit

People that Owned a Tickle-Me Elmo DollEdit

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