"You don't know the power of the tiny burrito."
―The opening line from Vader's journal

The tiny burrito was something of a mystery. Seen only while exiting the scene of whatever ridiculously amazing destructive chaos it had created, this particular weapon baffled smugglers, pirates and any other space-farer that happened upon it for decades.


The first recorded sighting of the tiny burrito was in 123 BBY, which was also, coincidentally, the same year that the School for the Counting Impaired was founded on Tatooine II.

Incidentally, Darth Vader became jealous of the existence of another planet sharing the name of his home planet; know. It is rumored that Vader harnessed the almighty power of the tiny burrito to accomplish this particular task.


From the personal journal of Darth Vader, we have gleaned that the naming of this particular burrito may be a misnomer. It is hinted at in the journal that the tiny burrito was only referred to as such because the burrito was so fast that witnesses were only able to catch a minuscule glimpse of its true size.

The exact specifications are unknown, however, as Vader seems to contradict himself at multiple points throughout the journal. Sometimes, the burrito is 8 kilometers long, while at other points, 12.8 kilometers. Towards the end, the Dark Lord appears to have settled on 19 kilometers.

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