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Scout Trooper.

the coolest Scout Trooper, in the whole damn galaxy.

Trevor the Scout trooper is the coolest guy in the galaxy, he can survive anything, he also has a badass 74-Z speeder bike, that has cool flames painted on it, he's best friends with Dan the Stormtrooper .

early lifeEdit

Trevor was born on tatooine (lucky guess) in (wait for it) Mos Eisley, in a crappy home, his dad was a stoner, and his mother was a crack addict, he met Dan in 15 bby, when they where 3 years old.

Scout Trooper trainingEdit

in 0 bby (big suprise) trevor was accepted to the galactic empire Scout trooper division, and trained for 5 months (before the battle of yavin), and he became a badass we see him today.

battle of endorEdit

during the battle of endor, trevor the scout trooper, and dan the stormtrooper, where busy guarding the shield generator, (which later got blown up by han solo).

list of things trevor survivedEdit

no.1 "getting hit in the head by an ewok"

no.2 "slamming into a tree"

and other things he survived that are to cool to write down.

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