Here it is!

A triple-bladed lightsaber is a lightsaber that looks like a lightsaber. A triple-bladed lightsaber is a lightsaber that looks like a lightsaber called a lightsaber which is known as lightsaber that a triple-bladed... Alright, kid, I'm cutting you off.

Only Darth Jollibee was dumb enough to use this defective lightsaber. It was extremely hard to use and was much more dangerous to the user than it was to their enemies. After his death at the hands of his own weapon, Darth Jollibee's triple-bladed lightsaber was found by baby Twi'leks on Ryloth and proved to be a deadly choking hazard. It end up killing 500,000 of them before finally self destructing. another one was made by an anonymous Sith to cause chaos among a Jawa tribe. one of the Jawas ate it and instantly turned into Jawa Juice and whoever drank the juice instantly exploded. Darth Jawa got so mad, he challenged the Sith to a duel but couldn't find him because of his secret ways. so he came back to his sandcrawler, drank some Jawa Juice, and instantly exploded. Psyche! it was normal Jawa Juice! he just had constipation! but the constipation was so bad, it killed 500,000 Jawas, how's that for an ending, bitch?

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