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The following article is based upon two eight-year-old boys playing with their Star Wars LEGO sets. It was then translated into Russian, then re-translated into Czech, then finally re-translated into English. The management apologizes for any readability issues this may cause.

Tusken-Jawa War was a conflict in Tatooine because the Tuskens wanted to attack the Jawas' bassists, and many Tuskens and Jawas died during this conflict. This conflict in the time after Clone Wars and beginning of Galactic Civil War. The war is ended in Jawas victory with help from merchants in Tatooine, Wookiees, Jedi younglings, remaining Clone Army veterans and Rebels. Tuskens is helped by Galactic Empire.


First Mos Eisley CampaignEdit

First Mos Eisley campaign was a first battle in Tusken-Jawa War, and the Tusken General set his armies in southern, northern and western of Mos Eisley town and Tuskens bring 1000 Tusken Gaderffii Troopers, 3000 Tusken Gaderffii Troopers for reinforcement and 1000 Tusken Cycler Troopers.

Defenders, Jawas bring 500 Jawas using ion blaster and 500 Wookiees use bowcasters.

The battle begins when many Tuskens raid the unguarded Western site and they attack the hangar and many Jawas defending the hangar from the roof and shot the attacking Tuskens and they attack the hangar's entrance and they kill many of Jawas bassist in hangar and kill their commander and many Jawas withdraw to Chalmun's Cantina and the siege start in northern and southern site of the city and they blow the wall and killing many Jawas and Wookiees come and attack the hangar and many Tuskens call reinforcement and they kill the Jawas in northern, southern and entire of Mos Eisley and they kill Wookiees using Tusken Gaderffiis and Tusken Cyclers and they killed the Wookiee commander and many Wookiees killed in attack and the Jawas and Jawas' allies force was retreat from Mos Eisley.

After the Tuskens took Mos Eisley, they extort merchants.

First Battle of Xelric DrawEdit

After lost of Mos Eisley, Jawas are desperate and take 5000 Jawas and 5000 Wookiees to defending Xelric Draw to stop they attack Jawa Mountain Fortress and the Tuskens bring 5000 Cycler Troopers, 5000 Bantha Cavalry and 5000 Gaderffii Troopers. The battle started when Jawas and Wookiees fire their ion blasters/bowcasters to stop the Tuskens attack and the Tuskens fastly run use mass attack formation to attacking Jawas and Wookiees position and the bantha unit are attacked the Wookiees' defend line and they kill Wookiees and kill their commander and many Wookiees killed because bantha's ivory ,the Wookiees are retreated and some of bantha unit attack Jawas' position and kill them easily and Jawas is retreat and the commander was shot in their retreat.

The Tuskens suffer light casualties but Jawas and Wookiees are heavy casualties and both of their commander was killed.

Raid on Tusken Camp near Xelric DrawEdit

After Tuskens taking Xelric Draw, the Jawas are beg the help to Jedi and Jedi send 300 younglings and Wookiees send 500 troops. In night, the Tuskens camp near Xelric Draw to destroy their armies and kill their commander.

The attacked starts at night when Tuskens and Jedi younglings attacks the camp and kill the Tuskens and the wake Tuskens are attacked and shot by Wookiees and they kill and destroy tends and burn the logistic tends and the Tuskens fight with their gaderffiis and many of them kill by Jedi and Wookiees.

The Tuskens Commander is killed and Tuskens was retreated with 50 raiders.

Operation WampaEdit

Operation Wampa is starts when the Tuskens beg help from Galactic Empire and the Emperor sending Imperial Army, Navy and Air Force. Imperial LA-AT call to bomb and raid the Jawa Montain Fortress. The raid begin when the LA-ATs fly from Bestine and they refuel in Mos Espa and fly to Jawa Mountain Fortress and the troops in LA-ATs open fire to Jawas and they shot rockets to buildings and Jawas and many Jawas protected themselves by shoting ion blaster to a LA-ATs and many Jawas killed and Jawas used their particle cannons and LA-ATs shot their cannons and many Jawas killed, some of Imperial Marine attack the town and massacre to the Jawas and some of Marines hijack Jawas sandcrawler and kill Jawas and burn the Jawas sandcrawler and the battle is over and the Jawas suffer heavy casualties and Galactic Empire suffer two Imperial Marine member killed.

After the attack of Jawa Mountain Fortress, Imperial LA-ATs back to their base in Bestine by refueling in Mos Espa and back.

Clone Veteran Raid on BestineEdit

Bestine are a city in Tatooine and the Empire base and the former member of Grand Army of Republic are join them. They have 2000 members and attack the Bestine.

The battle begin when the clones attack Bestine base and try to burn the Imperial Hangar and the clones are attacked by numerous AT-STs and many member of clones are killed and they capture AT-STs and they attack the Hangars but the captured AT-STs was destroyed by stormtroopers and the clone commanders are killed and many clones are killed so Tantive IV vehicle was called to extract the save clones and remaining clones are evacuated and flew to Anchorhead.

Air Raid on AnchorheadEdit

The air raid of Anchorhead is target to a Anchorhead town. Anchorhead is a town settle by moisture farmers, clone bassist and Jawas sandcrawlers harbor. The Empire send 35 LA-ATs and they open fire to Jawas and attacked sandcrawlers and moisture farms. The LA-AT was filled by stormtrooper and they attack and kill farmers and destroying droids and burn the sandcrawlers. The air raid is ended by five stormtrooper is killed and many farmers and Jawas killed. Many sandcrawlers destroyed.

2nd Mos Eisley CampaignEdit

2nd Mos Eisley Campaign is start when the Jawas want Mos Eisley back to Jawas hand and the Mos Eisley is guard by 500 Stormtroopers,5 TIE Fighters and 12 LA-AT Support from Bestine and the Empire fight 1000 Jawas and 500 Wookiees and the war is begin.

The Jawas and Wookiees plan to attack from Northern and Western site and they plan after attacking from the site,they plan to attack the Hangar and capture Mos Eisley.

The battle begun in Western Site when Imperial Stormtroopers waiting from their barricades in roof in buildings in Mos Eisley as their fortification,and the Jawas shout their battle cry and Stormtroopers begin to shot them and many Wookiee raid the battlefield and the Stormtroopers shot them using the turrets and their blasters and the Wookiees shot Stormtroopers and Stormtroopers attack the Wookiee Raiders and Jawas are using their ion blasters and shot running Imperial Stormtrooper to calling TIE Fighter support to repel the Jawas and Wookiees attack and they called 2 TIE Fighters from Bestine and they attack the Wookiees and Jawas and the Wookiees and Jawas retreated to Northern site and they raid the Northern site and 2 LA-ATs come and their shooters shot them and kill Jawas and Wookiees.Some Jawas kill the shooters and the Jawas are shot down by Stormtroopers and LA-ATs and the Wookiees retreat to their camp and Jawas is shot down by LA-ATs and the LA-ATs destroy Western and Northern Jawas and Wookiees camp and both of them retreated.

Jawas Raid in Imperial Camp near Jawa Mountain FortressEdit

The Empire try to attack the Jawa Mountain Fortress and they estabilish camp to destroy them.

The Empire bring 1000 Stormtroopers,2 LA-ATs,2 TIE Bombers and 2 AT-ST Walkers.

The Jawas observate Imperial camp by sending 2 spies and they know empire built camp on there and in night the Jawas attack their camp and the Jawas use 2000 troops and they shot sleeping Imperial Stormtroopers and burn their camp and hijack their LA-ATs and AT-STs walker and attacking camps and kill their commander and the night raid was end and kill every Imperial Stormtroopers.

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