Two Stumps and a Red Radish was the official biography of Mara Jade Skywalker, which she commissioned five months after her death at the hands of Darth Idiot. It was written by Mungo Baobab and was published on transparisteel tablets with likewise transparent print; in order to access the material, you had to acquire a self-sealing stembolt.


It held within it the whole saga of Mara Jade's life, including her stint as a waitress at the Galactic Hysteria Motel and Diner. Also included were a set of instructions she had written on how to build your own, highly-illegal, exploding pork-rind lightsaber. Other parts included full accounts of the therapeutic sessions she was obliged to undergo to cure lingering homicidal intent towards Luke Skywalker, her future husband and mentor. It was the first publication to admit that three-fifths of these sessions took place after her marriage to him.

Dramatis PersonaeEdit

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