Umbilical Corde
Biographical information



99 ABY

Physical description





1.6 meters

Hair color


Eye color

Ice blue


Belly-mounted rappelling cord

Chronological and political information

Legacy era

"Fel and Krayt were more alike then either would admit; they both liked to undress me with their eyes."
―Special Agent Corde, to her sister

Special Agent Umbilical Corde was the equally smokin' hot younger sister of Morrigan Corde, the mother of Cade Skywalker. The two enlisted in the Galactic Empire together, each going into Imperial Intelligence. Both sisters were experts at infiltration, assignation, intelligence-gathering, wet work, counterespionage, and general ass-kickery, the younger Corde preferred to stay in the trenches whilst Morrigan built a second life for herself as Nyna Calixte. Early in her career, however, Umbilical suffered a horrific abdominal wound, which necessitated extensive treatment in order to restore her to active duty.

Now equipped with a cybernetic implant that housed a grappling hook and liquid cable dispenser, her skills and abilities increased significantly. While her sister ran off with that flame-haired dunce, Corde took on additional side work for such unsavory characters as the Hutts, and at least one job for the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. When the Sith of Darth Krayt's order dethroned Roan Fel, she, like Morrigan, knew that things could only end in disaster. While "Nyna Calixte" attempted to work the system from within its inner circle, Umbilical continued to pretend that everything was all hunky-dory, every so often "helping" a wayward Jedi lose his/her/its Imperial pursuers. At some point during the Fel Insurgency, the sisters met with Cade Skywalker, Deliah Blue, and Jariah Syn in order to launch one last effort aimed at deposing the Sith from control of the galaxy...



  • Threats of the Galaxy Sourcebook

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