Undersea Darth Empire
Formation infomation

Darth Krab


Under the Sea, duh!

Date of formation

When Kyle Katarn created the seas.

Date of disband

When Satan destroyed the seas.

Member description
Number of members


Names of members

Darth Krab, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob Squarepants, Darth Patrick, Darth Sandy, Darth Green Penis

Average Species

Sea Creatures

Average Gender

Male, Female, Fatass

Personal information

Sith, Satan


God, Jedi


Develop Transformers technology for sea creatures and take ovah the world!




Their objective...hmmm...similar...

The Undersea Darth Empire, also known as the ocean was the ocean. Pretty much all of the residents were Sith-related, but some were Jedis. The ocean extended itself, becoming the Pissific Ocean, Atlantis Ocean, Jungle Book Ocean, Freeze Your Ass Off Where Santa Claus Lives Ocean, and the Freeze Your Ass Off Where Darth Cody Maverick Lives Ocean. Darth Krab created this order for the freedom of Jew-Sith religion practices. The ocean was destroyed by Satan at the end of the world. The ocean's worst enemy was Plankton (not to be confused with Darth Small), who wanted to become Darth Green Penis, but was rejected by Krab for being small.

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