"This bloody shite is half portion."
―Unkar Plutt "paying" his employees.
Unkar Plutt-RO U Visual Guide
Unkar Plutt
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16 BBY

Physical description



Male (all crolutes are men, apparently.)


Kinda tall

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
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Unkar plutt was a fatass Crolute junk dealer who lived on the planet of Jakku. He was a overweight cheapskate who made his "living" selling salvaged scrap metal and spaceship parts so he could get a quick buck. He was so cheap, that he paid his employees not with money, but with stale space chocolate that he stored in between his greasy neck rolls.

Early Life Edit

Unkar Plutt was born in 16 BBY, during the PreCrulean Explosion, when a married Mon Calamari woman, a human male, and a Hutt had relations on the uninhabited planet Crul during a lovely honeymoon. The three made love for days on end, only taking breaks in between turns to drink some Sunny D and watch Netflix. Shortly after this act against god, the Mon Calamari woman became so pregnant, that her pregnancy food cravings caused her to spontaneously transform into a rancor, and devour both of her husbands. She regretted nothing.

Within a few days, the Mon Calamari gave gave birth to the first four crolute brothers: Charlie Plutt, Marshall Plutt, Jabba the Plutt, and of course, Unkar Plutt. Unfortunately, their very birth caused their mother's vagina to explode, inadvertently killing her in the process. The four brothers could really care less because at the time, they were hungry for some sushi.

The Plutt brothers (except for Unkar Plutt) became pretty successful as adults. Charlie Plutt became a geneticist, and genetically engineered the Gilliand species as female counterparts for the crolute people. Marshall Plutt became the producer for the popular cartoon series "My Little Ewok", and was seen as an idol for Browoks across the galaxy. Jabba the Plutt dabbled in the art of acting, and became a famous actor in cinema for his impressionist role as Jabba Desilijic Tiure in the film "The Huttfather". Unkar Plutt, on the other hand, had no talent whatsoever outside of being cheap, so he moved to the junky-ass planet of Jakku to sell garbage and take relationship advice from his potted plant "Kevin".

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