"The female's vagina then precedes to swallow the penis..."

"Oooh, get in ma vagina, you horny overage slut! Ooh yeah! Me getting so sweaty that if I had a penis I'd sure be aroused! Oh yeah, and do you ever want to come back to my place?"
Darth Kayla doing it with her neighbour, forgetting she is already at her own place
―Al Pacino

A vagina, also hoo-hah, va-jay-jay and that hole mommy has, is something most fanboys have never seen. In fact, all fanboys have never seen it, unless they used to be a fangirl, which does happen quite often. Some people debate over whether the Jedi Exile had one, but being as Darth Lucas likes these, he has proven this rumor false.

Boba Fett was killed here after both being told what a loser he was and distracted by Tom Servo. Boba took the bait and after being randomly beaten up by Luke Skywalker willingly jumped in.

See alsoEdit

Aayla bellybutton

Aayla Secura's vagina after Grover munched on it.

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