Venice Wars was a play written by William Shakespeare in 1590, which was eventually scrapped to make way for the immensely more popular Romeo and Juliet. In 1970, George Lucas got his hands on the script, altered it to make it more futuristic, changed the title, and seven years later, made a trilogy of movies about it. Lucas, feeling confident after his success, spent almost thirty years writing a prequel trilogy, which wasn't as good or as popular as the original.


Set in 300 A.D., Venice Wars begins in a river, where a small Gondola is being chased by a far larger boat. On the Gondola, Princess Juliet writes a message on a scroll, and gives it to her two pigeons, Ceepeeoo and Artoodoo, who fly away. The men on the larger boat don't shoot arrows at it, saying "it's just two birds, there's no people with them". Dark Invader then boards the Gondola, along with his storm-warriors. Dark Invader wore a black mask, cloak and body armor, and used a long sword as a weapon. The storm-warriors wore white armor, white helmets, and were armed with bows and arrows. They were terrible aims. They killed the people on the Gondolas (rebels) and captured Princess Juliet. The two pigeons continue flying, until they are kidnapped by little gnomes, wearing brown cloaks. The gnomes put the pigeons amongst many other pigeons, including the Gonk pigeon, in a huge moving wooden house.

Meanwhile, somewhere outside of Venice, Romeo lived the dull life of an Italian farmboy. He dreamed of being a Gondola rower, but his uncle would not let him leave to train as one. The gnomes bring their moving house to the Larzi homestead, trying to sell them pigeons. Romeo's uncle chooses two (Ceepeeoo and another one), but the other one's head falls off, so Romeo's uncle buys Artoodoo instead. Artoodoo escapes from the house to find Oli-Wan Connoli, who he claims is his rightful owner, and that Oli is the intended recipient of Juliet's scroll.

Romeo and Ceepeeoo go to find Artoodoo, but are attacked by Trolls. However, they are rescued by the old man who lives in the middle of nowhere, Benni Connoli, whose real name was Oli-Wan Connoli. Oli-Wan gives Romeo an old sword, which once belonged to his father. Romeo is told his father was killed by Dark Invader, and that he used to be a Royal Knight. After discovering Princess Juliet's message carried by Artoodoo, Oli-Wan attempts to persuade Romeo to accompany him to Tuscany. Romeo refuses to go, until he discovers that storm-warriors have killed his parents. They travel to a tavern in the nearby Florence, looking for a Gondola driver to take them to Tuscany. In the tavern, a Goblin tells Romeo he doesn't like him, and, after much kerkuffle, the Goblin ends up with one arm less than usual.

to be continued...