A vibroblade is a blade that vibrates very quickly. No, not like that, you sick, sick person. It is often thought of as green, but that's just a misconception.

A nasty looking bladed object, which if you get poked with, you're liable to looking at your digestive tract decorating the floor, before wondering why you have a sort of empty feeling in your middle.

However, it could stop a lightsaber (the writers needed SOMETHING that jedi don't use that can stop a lightsaber), Allegedly. No-one has been suicidal enough to try it (except for people in KOTOR, but they can survive hits from a lightsaber, strange buggers that they are.). Oh, plus don't poke anything electrical with it. It can explode, and take off your arm (and maybe your face). And you won't get a cool suit like Darth Vader, as there was only one made for Darth Fellatio, and we all saw Vader's reaction to that.

Fanboys speculate that Aayla Secura kept one on her person at all times, but that's a myth. Go home and write your fanfics, fanboys/girls/?.

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