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Roland Emmerich


Roger Birnbaum


Harald Kloser



           Amanda Peet
           Some fictional president
           J'ba Fofi
           The Pope
           Italian Prime Minister
           The archangel Michael!!
Music by

Harald Kloser


Once owned by the Man Who Moved the Paintings Now owned by the President of the United States


2009; perhaps 2012


Twenty-four hours, or perhaps eight weeks




Fanon, mainly covered up by the United States government


English, mainly Chinese


2012 AD

Preceded by

2012: Doomsday

Followed by

2013: Doomsday


WTF Boom!?!!! was a Jedi propaganda movie dramatized to make the Sith seem like evil internationl conspirators who didn't want the public knowing the truth. It starred a man as its main protagonist, who had always had panic attacks from worrying that the world would end when Plonk came back in 2012, finally was given a YouTube video to watch by some crazy person and then the guy was convinced his evidence was real, despite it not being evidence at all. Then he drives all the way back to California to warn his family of the impending danger and doom the 10.9 will thrust upon them at the hour of destruction - 8 a.m. exactly - whose day and hour no-one knows,[1] which happens at precisely 8 in the morning as the quake hits the city and sinks the south part into the sea.


Nuclear explosion-1-

'Nuff said

Then the guy who's on the verge of a panic attack from always worrying about the Apocalypse sails to Las Vegas, "nowhere will ye find a greater place of scum and villainly" [2]and then to the Yellowstone Caldera at 12 noon precisely, just as it is about to erupt. He talks to the crazy guy rambling about how he should've listened to him, he was right, y'know, before the peak has had enough of them rambling at each other and blows its top.


Critical reactionEdit

It was famous for disappointing moviegoers. Many audiences criticized Harald Kloser's lack of score despite the fact this was a disaster movie and should have had triumphant loud action music like in Terminator or some shit. Many moviegoers sat through the first half hour in disappointment, watched the quake with avid attraction, then as soon as the Caldera erupted with complete lack of a score they threw down their popcorn boxes and got the fuck out of that theatre! I mean, seriously, come on you guys. If you're going to make a movie, just don't throw in some random drumbeats when the quake hits the city! KEEP THE SCORE UP THROUGHOUT THE ACTION!!!

Criminal reactionEdit

Well, let's just say... it gave all the criminals ideas... [3]

Scientific reactionEdit

Well, who's to say... the scientists didn't agree with it. They said it lacked a coherent amount of evidence. Nonetheless, Jedi Masters often say "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." And to this day arguments contradicting this are still as wild as evah. Huh. Experts!


  • Starscream as the insane, disturbed, hallucigenic protagonist? in a nutshell who drives gangsters to their daily business.
  • Yeti as his wife, the one who thinks he ought to throw himself into the nearest mental institution to get a few weeks' holiday.
  • Barack Obaaaaaaaaaaaama! as the selfish, evil, sarcastic President of the United States. Oh, and he's a Republican. What gives?
  • The French guy on the run as Jack Sparrow, a murderous, thieving pirate on the run from his teammates, who had previously abandoned him on some desert island and left him to die... but not before he got mad with the heat.
  • J'ba Fofi as the J'ba Fofi, the giant arachnids which live in the central Congo jungle.
  • Loch Ness Monster as a giant meteor about to crash into Earth, laughing manically all the while.
  • Alice as a girl who is struggling to keep control of her life after falling down a rabbit hole and ending up in an ethereal, underground realm populated by anthropomorphic/legendary creatures.





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