Watto's Jax Pavan Emporium was a business on Coruscant run by Watto that offered the names of several fictional Jax Pavans to the common Galaxy-dweller for hire. It was unaffiliated with Watto's Place (at least for tax purposes).


Watto first got the idea when his own personal fictional Jax Pavan won Jax Pavan of the Year and several beauty contests without anyone noticing. Watto then realized the lucrative potential of having a ready Jax Pavan alias for trips to Coruscant and decided to make a business out of it. He immediately registered several other fictional Jax Pavan numbers and set up shop in a shady back alley near the Coruscant Department of Tourism. Thus was Watto's Jax Pavan Emporium born.

Since then the Emporium has been frequented by thousands of people including intergalactic celebrities like Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, and prominent intergalactic crime-lords like The Hutt-father. The fake Jax Pavans have been put to several uses, from tax scams and fake one-night-stand names to aliases in multi-billion credit criminal activities. Sith Acolytes are known to use fictional Jax Pavan names when pulled over by cops for destroying planets over the speed limit.

List of Fictional Jax PavansEdit

Of the Jax Pavans available at Watto's Emporium, the better known one's are listed below:

  1. Jax Pavan 582,797,631
  2. Jax Pavan 555,555,555
  3. Jax Pavan 80,088,008
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