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Han: "Hey Chewie! What's long, slender and loves to play?"
Chewbacca: "Raawwr?"
Han: "My Weewee!"
— Han, telling Chewie about his Weewee.[src]

A Weewee is a ravenous serpentile creature which lives on the bog planet of Mi Trow'zers. Normally a small and unassuming creature, the Weewee lures it's prey into it's dwelling cave or large ground hole. It then grows to nearly three times its original size and devours the victim whole.

Han Solo kept a Weewee as a pet for several months aboard the Millennium Falcon. However, he was forced to jettison the creature when one night, his Weewee found it's way into Chewbacca's room and attempeted to ravage the helpless Wookiee as he slept.

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