"Am I weirding you out?"
some chick on Darthipedia's IRC.

Weirding out or Strangeified was a Force power used by many, many, many people in Darthipedia. I mean MANY people. That's the whole reason why you came here, right? For the Weirding out Convention? Six doors down to your left. No thanks, I don't want to look at it, I'm just a janitor...AAAAAAH!

Weirding out is usually accompanied by the victim being so paralyzed they can barely speak. There is usually some sort of change in the facial expression (:O).

Darthipedians are known to be relatively immune to Weirding out, but the same does not bide for their girlfriends.

History Edit

Anakin: "I have CDO. It's like OCD, but with the letters arranged in alphabetical order, the way they're supposed to be!"
Dooku: "What the-"
Anakin PWNing Dooku using the weirding out.

The earliest known user of this mystical force power was...uh, well, we don't know his name. Or his date of birth. Or anything about him. Just his disposition: which was weird, and occasionally geek.

Anyway, this guy was also the most frequent user of weirding out. Lots of times he did it without thinking about it. Said strange guy grew so powerful with weirding out that even Death was afraid to come near him for fear of being Strangified. In an effort to stop this guy, God attempted to PWN him with a Bryar pistol. Sure, he was blocked from the galaxy, but he continues to haunt the every corner of the universe through his minions.....the Darthipedians...

WATCH OUT, <insert name here>! BEWARE OF WEIRDING OUT!

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