What are Self-help guides? was a self-help guide written by a very smart guy who knew there were people in the galaxy that did not know what Self-help guides, like Destroying Planets for Dummies, were. The book describes what Self-help guides are and why they exist.

If you do not know what a Self-help guide is, you should buy the book and read it. Only 5 people bought this book, all of them died when a planet was destroyed.


Chapter 1: What is a Self-help guide?Edit

If the title of this chapter confuses you, you should buy the book and read chapter 2.

Chapter 2: What is Chapter one?Edit

If the title of this chapter confuses you, you should buy the book and read chapter 3.

Chapter 3: What is Chapter two?Edit

If the title of this chapter confuses you, you are really hopeless and you should buy the book and use it to fly to a planet that is about to be destroyed.

Chapter 4: Why do Self-help guides existEdit

This chapter explains the reason for the existence of Self-help guides.

Chapter 5: Why this book is stupidEdit

This chapter reveals that the book was not written by a very smart guy but that is was actually written by Kermit, who was a love child of Yoda and Yaddle. He had started writing the book when he joined Sesame Street. The final chapter of the book also revealed that the book was actually supposed to be an autobiography which explained what Kermit did while he worked for Sesame Street. But Kermit was kicked out of Sesame Street after being a member for just two days because he failed to destroy a single planet. The reason he failed was because he did not under stand the concept of the book Destroying Planets for Dummies. After this event he decided to rewrite his own book into a Self-help guide that explains what Self-help guides are because he assumed many people would have the same problem he had. The book failed, just like almost everything in Kermit's life.


  • It would've been named "Self-help guides for Dummies" but Kermit thought he was very smart, but he actually isn't.

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