"She totally gets a lightsaber enema, no doubt."
―Some psychopath emo fanboy

What happend to Ahsoka Tano? Is she alive, dead, or are all of you fags? was a question that was constantly on the lips (or fingertips, when in cyberspace) of a select breed of teenage, hormonal fanboys and fangirls. The conundrum referred to the existence and eventual fate of Ahsoka Tano, which was exacerbated by the fact that no source other than Dave Filoni's utter failure The Clone Wars television series and its associated childish literary spinoffs even indicates that Anakin Skywalker should have even had a Padawan. Never mind the unfortunate creature that LFL let Filoni foist upon us...

The question will probably never have an answer, and even if it eventually does, you can bet your bottom Selonian that this will cause 93.475% of the fanbase to gab off like a room full of howler monkeys who have just found out that the bananas they were promised were given to Darth Darth Binks.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though this subject has no doubt been the stuff of many a late night on the more drooling fan forums, and quite a number of fanon fiascoes, it recently reared its ugly head on Wookiepedia. Instead of being given due consideration, however, it was swiftly "bahleet"-ed by the wiki's administration. Because, after all, Star Wars is srz biznz.

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