"Wiki Wars FTW."
Major Goodwood[src]

The Wikia community is an interesting place, as experts will tell you. But Wikia is rarely a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky place. Darthipedia has always striven to make it so, however, other "serious" sites often ruin the fun. So, wiki veteran supergeeky1 and that chick who cried have decided to take you on a guided tour of Wikia's past. Along the way, you'll learn many useful facts, like how difficult it is to defend yourself from a man wielding two dildos, or that some folks like to date other people's bots. These in-depth lessons strive to teach you the mistakes of the past, and how we strive to correct...

Meh, fuck that, we're just in it for the memories (and the funny).

Ideally, Wiki Wars will be updated once every two days.

Current InstallmentEdit

Billy Arrowsmith 08
<MrBlonde267> Sometimes I think the universe is conspiring to keep me fat for a reason.

Billy Arrowsmith 08
<MrBlonde267> Like, my aunt just walked in on me eating a pizza, and then offered me a pizza.

Billy Arrowsmith 08
<MrBlonde267> It's the little things.

<Madclaw> does it bother you?

Billy Arrowsmith 08
<MrBlonde267> I assume I'll die someday cushioning small children from being hit by a bus. It's kind of comforting, actually.


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