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Its amazing how obsessed people are with Madclaw's big Donkey Dick

Wiki Wars # 4Edit

Billy Arrowsmith 08
<BillyArrowsmith> I don't get this joke. I need it explained to me.

Billy Arrowsmith 08
<BillyArrowsmith> I understand that the genie must've confused penis and pianist... but he would've asked for a tiny one to play his tiny piano. So... why is the girl flirting with him?

<LO|away> Billy: I really couldn't say

<SirTopHat_> BillyArrowsmith, it's not a joke I think

<Major_Goodwood> He asked for a ten inch pianist, so the genie gave him a ten inch penis.

<Major_Goodwood> Duh.

Billy Arrowsmith 08
<BillyArrowsmith> Ohh okay. Got it.

<SirTopHat_> oh I get it.

Billy Arrowsmith 08
<BillyArrowsmith> Thanks, Woody!

<Major_Goodwood> That's why they call me "Goodwood"

<LO|away> The only man here with 10 inches is Madclaw

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