Bitch: "Oh no sir. Way too much information would be telling you that whenever we're done, I always take a huge dump."
Random rapee: "Shit."
Bitch: "On their chest."
— A Dathomiri Bitch and a future rapee[src]
Witch the bitch rapes Rancor

A Witch getting it on (actually raping) with a Rancor. The rancor died after she took a dump on its chest.

The Witches of Dathomir, also referred to as 2girls1cup or simply Bitches of Dathomir, were a pair of witches (or chicks with majah powaahz) that lived on the world of Dathomir. They often fucked fornicated with Rancors for the fun of it, and killed them off by taking major dumps on their chests. The two witches were called bitches because of this.


One of their major victims was a Sith Lord wannabe by the name of Darth Sithonus. When he approached the witches, he wanted to fondle them but they stopped him short. They ended up raping him and shitting on his face, which made him change his name to Darth Shitonus.

One of their pets was Poopa the Hutt, since they were obsessed highly respected shit poop and all its variations.

They ultimately met their ends when they tried to rape the wrong rancors. The rancors turned the tables, raped them and then ate them. What makes this even more deliciously comedic is the fact that those rancors were bulimic, so the Witches of Dathomir were swallowed whole, puked up, then re-eaten, several times.

Behind the scenes Edit

Fanboys (and some hos) were major fans of the witches, until they learned of their poop fetish. After experiencing such pleasure atrocities, they turned to God Kyle Katarn for religion, so he could give them salvation.

Appearances Edit

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