Planet of origin


Height of average adult

2.2 meters

Hair color

Different shades of
black, brown, and white
in varying combinations


Tall, hair covered,
retractable climbing
claws, long life spans

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"These carpets are made for walkin'."
Leia Organa Solo
"Never look a Wookiee in the balls or he'll rip your arms off and shove 'em up your ass"
Han Solo, explaining Wookiee customs to C-3PO
C-3PO: "Would..would he really?"
Chewbacca: "Yes. Come up and see me some time!"
— Threepio, expressing a deep interest in Wookiee customs and Chewbacca mumbling something in that dratted unintelligible language

Wookiees, sometimes mistakenly called Wookies or, pejoratively, walking carpets, were beings with loads of shaggy hair which was useful for mating with other walking carpets. Chewbacca had to constantly comb his hair and sometimes got dangleberries, while Zaalbar almost never "groomed" in the Human sense. The mating rituals of Wookiees were widely regarded as the most brutal in the galaxy, and their language was nearly incomprehensible to most. They would wookiee-nookie people they didnt like. One hypothesis recently perposed by Luke is that Wookies are related to humans being a hybrid between human's and apes. He came up with this when Chewbacca and a human hooker had drunken sex and had a child Whorebacca

Notable WookieesEdit