"We're all going to have to become geniuses."
"I vote we start with Elassar. He has the farthest to go."
―Typical Wraith Squadron banter
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Wraith Squadron was a starfighter squadron led by Wedge Antilles. It usually flew X-wings, TIE interceptors, and TIE fighters. Members of Wraith Squadron included a large, sentient horse with multiple personalities, a Gamorrean mathematical genius who spoke Basic with a voicebox, a former Imperial boy actor, and Kell Tainer, a man whose father Wes Janson had killed (it's a long story). Unlike Rogue Squadron, the Wraiths were kriffed-up misfits and emotional wrecks, although they had less substantial egos than Corran Horn. In other words, they were like Darthipedians who flew X-wings.

Wraith Squadron almost single-handedly defeated Warlord Zsinj.

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