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1.8 m

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Brown, greasy

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Brown, baggy

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  • Rebellion era
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"We don't serve your kind here!"
"Why? Because I'm a droid?"
"No, because this is a
straight bar!"
―Wuher and C-3PO

Wuher, pronounced Woo Her, also pronounced Wu-Huhr? and Wuhhhhrr, was a big fat greasy bartender who worked at Chalmun's Cantina on Tatooine and hated droids.


Getting the jobEdit

He became a bartender after taking a correspondence course, using his lifelong interest in amateur chemistry. He was hired along with Ackmena to run the place while the owner was away. He served blue milk, purple milk, Jawa juice, Ewok juice, Mountain Dew, V8 and Kuat to thirsty patrons. Even as ugly, greasy and disgusting as Wuher was, he was more attractive and popular than Ackmena, and he was also a better drink-mixer. He always had a bunch of obscure chemicals around and he knew which ones got Rodians drunk, which ones got Twi'leks drunk, which ones got Ithorians drunk. He was a master. Ponda Baba was his most enthusiastic customer... Wuher served him a mixture of methane and cycloheximide that stimulated wildly aggressive behavior in Aqualish. This inadvertently led Ponda to pick a fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi and get his arm chopped off.

that time he 86d me eve nthough I togtally didbn't do anythingEdit

wuoher hates me and my freinds, we go to teh cantina eve4y fridgay, but he never reckgnizes us, alywas cards us. so this one tiem their were thse speedbikers who were loud and playing domjot or ssome stupid fscking game, and they startdd tlaking crap about us and we were all, man up, and this oen guy broek a bottel over my freind's haed, and wuhher threwgh us all out. wuher you and the rest of ur cantina fagzzzzzz can FUCK OF4F!!!!!

See alsoEdit

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