X-Wing Fighter:


Pilot to victory over the arrogant Rouge Squadron!

You throw away your trash from lunch and leave the room. You walk down the hall, passing a few pilots and other rebels along the way. They all have grizzly beards, and this makes you feel feeble compared to them (You haven't managed to grown one at all).

You pass one of your fellow ROUGH SQUADRON members, Timmy McMillinhiemer. Timmy gives you an appreciative wink. You wink back. You both know the plan.

What is the plan, you ask? Little did you know that you have a blast charge in your pocket, and you're supposed to plant it on one of the member of the ROUGE SQUADRON's ships. Timmy already mounted his on Wedge Antilles's ship, and that leaves you with Wes Janson's. Should be easy enough.

But in the back of your head, you have that feeling...


STATUS: Must choose whether to follow through with plan or bail out



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