X-Wing Fighter:


Pilot to victory over the arrogant Rouge Squadron!

You feel for your hip. Your trusty blaster is right where it's supposed to be: in your leather holster (Leather? There are Cows in Star Wars?). You stand up from your chair, and act like you're going to walk out the door. The two droids, Goldenrod and his trashcan are squabbling over something in the corner, or at least the gold one is.

You reach the door way, and stop. The two droids are too stupid to notice. You swiftly turn around and....


You take of the gold head first. It explodes. The trashcan goes up in flames. For the first time in your life, you feel......



However, the feeling doesn't last long. You realized you just killed Lube's best droid buddies. You have to get out. And you have to get out now.


STATUS: The authorities are coming, so you must exit quickly and safely.



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