Darth Vader

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X-Wing Fighter:


Pilot to victory over the arrogant Rouge Squadron!

Hello <insert name here>. You are about to embark on a quest you would never have imagined. Considering you either just finished up your porn or got done with your microwaved lunch, I bet you weren't expecting to become a member of the infamous ROUGH SQUADRON.

That's right, I just took you out of your shithole house on Earth (or a mansion, not as if I would know) and put you into the other squad of fighters in the Rebllion, the ROUGH SQUADRON. You probably haven't heard of the ROUGH SQUADRON, but rather its big shiny step brother, the ROUGE SQAUDRON. But then again, who hasn't? Just look at the thing. Cheese Wedge, Lube Skywalker, and plus it retty much blew up the Death Star. The point is that ROUGE SQUADRON is for the big, bad pilots who can fly like no other. The ROUGH SQUADRON is for the eagers chums who just don't cut it for the big leagues. You're just as good as they are (or so you think) and your companions think the same (they're wrong though). So you're out for a vengeance.


YOUR MISSION: Overthrow ROUGE SQUADRON and make it appear as though it were not you. And also pound Lube's bony ass. Show him what the force is all about.


STATUS: In break room. Lunch consumption completed. Two entities detected, trashcan and Goldenrod (Engaging in conversation).



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