This is a propaganda poster: Y-wings can't move that fast. That's actually the world passing them by.

Y-wing Pilot: "Y-wings have been around since, like, dah!"
A-wing Pilot: "Yeah, we always needed someone to die."
— Y-wing pilot, gloating

Y-wings were used as heavy bombers and targets for Imperial guns, starfighters, rocks, and even the oh so famous feces.


Y-wings have been around in the Rebel Alliance since the fall of the Galactic Republic, where they had served in the space forces of the Grand Army of the Republic. It was one of the first ships in the Rebel Alliance because the Alliance members were skinflints who couldn't afford their own ships, so they just stole or copied Old Republic ships. Alderaan, for example, despite a gross annual income of trillions upon trillions (from selling mind-expanding herbs), was too peaceful to shell out the dough needed for purchasing functional ships. Y-wings during battles would be usually held back and used to pound the enemy fleet but usually since they were so slow, they just ended up being shredded up into and paper and lollipops. Y-wings were technically, were the slowest starfighter ever to be created and usually pilot sat in the cockpit pushing forward trying to drive momentum into there fighter. Y-wings were highly unreliable and during the first Death Star run Gold Squadron who was supposedly supposed to do the trench run got PWNed by the Imperials resulting in Luke Skywalker getting the Death Star kill.

The moral of the Y-wing's story is that they make easy pickings in Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

Y-wing pilotsEdit

Known as the most cocky bastards one could ever meet, these pilots were infamous for bragging about the countless battles they fought in. The truth is that Y-wing pilots either never saw battle or they were just sitting in the hangar. Y-wing pilots recruited were mostly middle age mechanics who never won any glory so for morale reasons Alliance commanders gave them the most powerful, heaviest, and strongest starfighter. (Sarcasm)

Requirements to be a pilotEdit

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  • Must have played on your High School football team
  • Must be 45+.
  • Must have maximum of 10/20 vision.
  • Must be able to be patient (due to sloooooow top speed).
  • Must be able to say "Get the hell out of there!"

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