An artist's conception of what Yoda's penis is believed to look like.

"Yoda's penis woke up yesterday and began eating."

Yoda's penis was the article that replaced Darth Cold-Dead-Hands as the 1,000th article on Darthipedia.


On Monday, April 7, 2008, it became apparent that Darthipedia was about to pass the 1,000 article milestone. Having just recovered from a long and debilitating April Fools' Day, none of the administrators or slightly-sentient contributors had the stamina to initiate a celebration of any complexity or pageantry.

However, two individuals became obsessed with attaining the honor of having created the 1,000th article: Darth Karma and Gonk. Darth Karma believed he had succeeded when he created Death Fart, but due to an erroneous calculation, he had in fact only created the 999th article.

Meanwhile, in IRC, it was decided by the Darthipedia Cabal that the 1,000th article should be Yoda's penis. Minutes later, Gonk created Darth Cold-Dead-Hands (in "honor" of Charlton Heston, who had died the previous weekend), intending for it to be the 999th article. However, he was unaware that Darth Karma's article had been created moments before, and thus the plan to make Yoda's penis article #1,000 seemed to have been derailed.

All was not lost, however. Within less than a minute of its creation, the Darth Cold-Dead-Hands article was deleted by Supergeeky1. Gonk hastily created the actual 1,000th article, the first draft of Yoda's penis (visible by clicking the bottom version in the History tab, above). Immediately thereafter, Supergeeky restored Darth Cold-Dead-Hands, making it officially the 1,001st article.

The 1,002nd article was Dengar, created by some anon.