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An Average Day On Your Average Planet

Your Average Planet, or the Y.A.P., is a small planet, resembling as a neighborhood, which all the neighbors are friendly and nice to each other. Except for Mr. Grumps. It was visited by the stupid, ugly gay guys with anger issues various times just for taking a lovely stroll around the planet. Which only takes 30 seconds because the planet is so small.

Population Edit

The population of this planet is 15. The people that make up this number are, a married couple, a woman with 3 kids, 3 teenagers who love graffiti, 4 aliens, a homeless person and Mr. Grumps. The married couple are really into each other, while the woman's 3 kids are so well behaved, and the 3 teenagers that love graffiti are now on drugs and must stay locked in their basement. The 4 aliens live all together and are always making scenes and are always saying their gonna leave the house and run far away. However they are always found considering the size of the planet. The homeless person is on a rampage, but always gets the food he needs and says "thank you", and whenever the kids go on Mr. Grumps' lawn, he will always yell "Get The F*ck Of My Lawn!"

Invasion Edit

This planet once was invaded by aliens. The aliens stole Mr. Grumps' barbecue, which will entirely ruin the summer party everyone on that planet have every summer. Mr. Grumps' decided to go with the aliens, but everyone else wanted to defeat the aliens and retrieve the barbecue. The aliens where really pwning the people who lived on the planet though. Eventually, the aliens started wondering why they even needed the barbecue from the start. So they just gave it back and went to do some stuff at another planet, which made the citizens of Y.A.P. think that they actually defeated the aliens.

See Also Edit

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This article is called Your Average Planet. Your Average Planet has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Your Average Planet can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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