―Yun-Yomamaka priest
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Yun-Yomamaka was the Official Yuuzhan Vong God of War™ and twin brother of Yun-Harharharla. As such, he was their second-favorite deity behind Yun-Yuuzhannamontana, the super-awesome creator god of Yuuzhan Vong legend. Offerings in the form of the ritual sacrificing of "infidels" (read: anyone not a Yuuzhan Vong) were made to Yun-Yomamaka in the day or so that preceded a battle against their enemies.

To be sacrificed in such a manner was not fun for the sacrificee. Suffice to say, you'd be better off taking your chances either playing Mandalorian Roulette or engaging in relations with a Wookiee.

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