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Yuthura 1
Yuthura Ban
Biographical information

Dust mop rolled into a ball


8888 BBY


7777 BBY

Physical description



Fuckin Bitch


5' 5"

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Ze Olde Republik



Yuthura Ban was a Sithy badass hot Twi'lek from that dusty and arid dust mop called Ryloth. She had some badass Sith tats and was a purple bitch Twi'lek who let herself be brainwashed by Uthar Wynn, who led her to Sith school that taught her how to be badass.


Early lifeEdit

Biologically, Yuthura was born on a dust ball and was then sent to Sleheyheyeron, where she was a slave to Omeesh ze Hutt. She later stabbed the gut worm then fled to the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. She was older than most Padawans and never made it past Padawan, so she fled to the damned Sith and was brainwashed by some dick named Uthar Wynn. As expected, this one dick trained this very very VERY attractive Twi'lek.

Mommy of Mission VaoEdit

Mission: "Hey, mommy, can you quit the Sith and join the Jedi?"
Yuthura: "Shut up and let me finish my training, I shall rule the Sith after I strike down my son of a penis master!"
— Mission's one of many unsuccessful attempts of "redeeming" her mother.

YES, Yuthura is Mission Vao's mommy, but Yuthura adopted Mission, to later find out she was too much of a damned handful to handle, so Yuthura walked up to a slaver then yelled "HERE I AM" and they brought this female loser to Omeesh ze Hutt, muhahahahaha.

Career as a SithViking (and Jedi)Edit

Yuthura couldn't stand the Jedi, they were too "inconvenient" for her bald brain, so she joined the Sith then allowed herself to be trained by the same dick, Uthar Wynn, but she wasn't happy with that, so she took Viking classes and then became a Viking, they hunt Sith losers then eat their heads like normal cannibals do. Yuthura was trained in Viking ways by some other dick named Wookiee Goldberg, but the Vikings were to sexist towards attractive female Twi'leks and became jealous so she kicked the hell out of them till she lost and the last moment of their lives, well, the Force middle-finger.


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